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My KC Jewellery is a jewellery store for everyone and we cannot wait to show you more designs and ideas coming soon!

Our jewellery is timeless and will accompany you throughout your everyday life. Offering dainty designs at affordable prices without compromising on quality.

My KC Jewellery is handcrafted by master jewellers that use only the finest custom cut CZ cubic zirconia or other precious stones, simulated diamonds, and high-quality metals.

Handcrafted Jewellery by My KC Jewellery

Each piece of My KC jewellery is made from a base metal of 925 sterling silver or brass and uses the highest quality 18k gold micron plating methods and is finished with an elegant shiny texture.

Remember the greatest treasure you have is yourself!  Jewellery should reflect your personality and spirit.

My KC jewellery was created in memory of my mum. I am the person because of her.

No matter my studies, skills, experiences. I still remember the last pair of earrings I gave her, ‘light pink daisy flower silver earrings’…

She taught me how jewellery is so important. I always remember her wearing amazing colorful gems, different jewellery, especially her earrings, they were ‘her life’.

My goal is to design more collections dedicated to her. Some jewellery for example ‘Coccole’ that means cuddles in Italian is the first piece I am dedicating to my dear mother.

The ‘Alma’ earrings is one piece of jewellery reminding me of my mum’s Chilean background… the fiery, Latin woman, full of love for my brother, sisters and me. A family surrounded mostly by women, empowered women who know how to tackle the challenges of life and love themselves. ‘Alma’ means soul, she is my soul, I carry her in my mind and my heart for the rest of my life..

She was definitely my inspiration and I pride myself that no matter what life brings, I will stand up, face it and embrace it!

Women do not need anyone to provide for them or to afford simple everyday jewellery.

Most of the names given to my jewellery are Spanish, Greek and Italian names to demonstrate my mixed background and each of those names has a special meaning or memory behind it…

My commitment is to empower everyone, welcome all of you and remember always the bright sparkly side of life.

In memory of all those ‘lost gems’ shining bright in the stars, looking after us from up there…


KC  xxx

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We have a stunning collection of handcrafted jewellery, made with only the best quality and by master jewellers.

Collabs & Influencers

We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with some fantastic woman, and I cannot tell you how grateful we all are for their support and dedication to My KC Jewellery. Big love and thanks to Tori Spelling and Gelo Arango for being true brand ambassadors <3

Our Philosophy

KC jewellery has the desire to share a passion, an aesthetic and a unique vision.

Creating a high quality, creativity and happiness of each piece to shine through the design. The brand ethos is to create trending jewellery with an exceptional finishing resulting, beautifully crafted, one of a kind making you feel precious, strong and passionate.

 KC Jewellery is for everyone, for everyday and for all occasions.

We hope you enjoy our jewellery as much as we enjoy designing them.

Connecting with our customers is important to us, bring any stories, share pictures, let us be part of your journey creating amazing memories.

Cristine Kokla

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